Grants Program

Our Accomplishments: ITS Beneficiaries, a Compendium 1983-2017

Recipients: 2017-2018

The Institute of Turkish Studies (ITS) is proud to announce its grantees for academic year 2017-2018. Please join us in congratulating them. ITS has awarded the below grants in six different categories.

Heath W. Lowry Distinguished Dissertation Writing Fellowship
  • Noah Amir Arjomand (Columbia University)
    - "Behind the Bylines: Fixing World News in Turkey"
Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Henry Randel Shapiro (Princeton University)
    - "The Great Armenian Flight: The Celali Revolts and the Rise of Western Armenian Society"
  • Isacar A. Bolanos (Ohio State University)
    - "Conquering Nature in Ottoman Iraq, 1831-1909"
  • Alexander Schweig (University of Arizona)
    - "Tracking Technology Transfer: Techno-Social Agency Along the Ottoman Anatolian Railroad, 1890-1914"
  • Benjamin James Smuin (University of California San Diego)
    - "Speaking to the State: Petitions, Citizenship, and the Legacies of Ottoman Reform in Aleppo, 1868-1936"
  • Bennett Gabriel Sherry (University of Pittsburgh)
    - "Refugees, Rights, Restrictions: Human Rights and the Evolution of the UNHCR in Turkey, 1960-1994"
  • Pinar Tasci-Odabasi (University of Akron)
    - "Edirne during the Balkan Wars: Urban Life and Inter-communal Relations on the Eve of the Nation-State"
Mark Pinson Grant for Graduate Research on the Ottoman Balkans
  • Fredrick Walter Lorenz (UCLA)
    - "Relocating Balkan Muslims to Anatolia: Local Agency in Transforming Ottoman State Policy, 1878-1923"
Grants for the Publication of Scholarly Books and Journals
  • Kemal Karpat (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    - "International Journal of Turkish Studies"
  • Kent Schull (Binghamton University (SUNY)
    - "The Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies"
Summer Language Study Grants
  • Henry Atticus Clements (Yale University)
    - "Summer Language Study in Turkey"
  • Rebecca Joy Clendenen (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    - "Finding Culture in Structures of Governance"
  • Joseph Norman Hermiz (University of Chicago)
    - "Syriac Christians in the Late Ottoman Empire"
  • Lydia Danielle Harrington (Boston University)
    - "Architecture, Governance, and Experience in Late Ottoman Arab Provincial Capitals"
  • Nader Hammad Attasi (Columbia University)
    - "Intellectual History of Economic Thought in the Late Ottoman Empire"
  • Matthew Alan Sharp (University of Pennsylvania)
    - "Ottoman Connections to American and British Converts to Islam"
Library Grant
  • Syracuse University, Middle Eastern Studies Program
  • Pepperdine University

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