Grants Program

Recipients: 2016-2017

The Institute of Turkish Studies (ITS) is proud to announce its grantees for academic year 2016-2017. Please join us in congratulating them. ITS has awarded the below grants in six different categories.

Post-Doctoral Summer Research Grant
  • Ayten Kılıç (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    - "Paved with Good Intentions: The Road to the 1877-78 Russo-Ottoman War; Great Power Diplomacy and Ideology."
Heath W. Lowry Distinguished Dissertation Writing Fellowship
Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Patrick John Adamiak (University of California, San Diego)
    - "To the Edge of the Desert: Settlement, Civilization, and Caucasian Refugees in the Late Ottoman Empire (1878-1918)"
  • Zoe Ann Griffith (Brown University)
    - "Roots of Wealth, Routes of Empire: Private Capital and Imperial Governance in the Ottoman Eighteenth-Century"
  • Faisal H. Husain (Georgetown University)
    - "Ottoman Rivers: The Tigris and Euphrates, 1514-1831"
  • Jeanene Mae Mitchell (University of Washington)
    - "At the Confluence of Transnational and Local Actors: Transboundary River Management in the Kura Basin"
  • James Ryan (University of Pennsylvania)
    - "The Republic of Others: Opponents of Kemalism in Turkey's Single Party Era, 1919-1950"
Mark Pinson Grant for Graduate Research on the Ottoman Balkans
  • Fredrick Walter Lorenz (UCLA)
    - "Relocating Balkan Muslims to Anatolia: Local Agency in Transforming Ottoman State Policy, 1878-1923"
Grants for the Publication of Scholarly Books and Journals
  • Kemal Karpat (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    - "International Journal of Turkish Studies"
  • Kent Schull (Binghamton University (SUNY)
    - "The Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies"
  • Elisabeth A. Fraser (University of South Florida)
    - "Mediterranean Encounters: Artists Between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, 1774-1839"
Summer Language Study Grants
  • Kaleb Herman Adney (UCLA)
    - "Managing Human Capital in a Globalized Economy: Cultural Dynamics of Forced Labor During the Tanzimat Period (1839-1878)"
  • Camille Lyans Cole (Yale University)
    - "Between Amarah and Muhammerah: Empire, Environment, and Technology in the Making of Modern Iraq and Iran"
  • Baran Germen (University of Oregon)
    - "Melodramatics of Turkish Modernity: Narratives of Victimhood, Affect, and Politics"
  • Ian Foss Hathaway (Yale University)
    - "Cross-Cultural Circulation and Exchange in the Sixteenth-Century Mediterranean"
  • Nadirah Mansour (Princeton University)
    - Summer Turkish Study at Boğaziçi University (Intermediate Modern Turkish)
  • Ellen Mary Nye (Yale University)
    - "Social Currency: Prohibitions on Monetary Flows in 18th-Century Ottoman and British Political Economy"
  • David Reher (University of Chicago)
    - "Intensive Language Study in İstanbul"
  • Eileen Sleesman (University of Washington)
    - "Conversion Rates: Online Media and Protestant Christianity in Turkey"
  • Marissa Jeanne Smit (Indiana University)
    - "Masculinity and Boundary Maintenance in Futuwwat"

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