Grants Program

Recipients: 2007-2008

Dissertation Writing Grants
  • John Bragg (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
    Modernization and Democritization of the Ottoman State: The Case of Tokat, 1840-1923
  • Amy Holmes (John Hopkins University)
    Contentious Allies: Bilateral Crisis, Protest Cycles, and the American Presence in Turkey
Comparative Studies of Modern Turkey Research Grant
  • David Stevens (Columbia University)
    In Retreat: Explaining Variation in the Durability of Military Prerogatives in Transitioning Democracies
Library Grants
  • Louisiana State University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • SUNY - Binghamton
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
Subventions for Publication
  • Barry Rubin
  • Turkish Studies Journal
  • Turkish Studies Association
  • Sultan Tepe
  • Beyond Sacred and Secular
Summer Language Study Grants
  • John-Paul Anthony Ghobrial (Princeton University)
  • David Gutman (SUNY - Binghamton)
  • Jared Manasek (Columbia University)
  • Maribeth Mincey (University of Cincinatti)
  • Michelle Semancik (University of Cincinatti)
  • Kari White (University of Texas - Austin)
Matching Seed-Money Grants for New University Positions in Turkish Instruction
  • University of Minnesota
  • Boston University
  • UCLA
  • University of Michigan
  • Fort Hays State University
  • AATT
  • University of South Carolina
Undergraduate Exchange Programs
  • Community College of Philadelphia
  • Georgetown University
Summer Travel Grants
  • Ece Algan (California State University - San Bernadino)
  • Kelly Maynard (Northeastern Illinois University)
  • James Meyer (Brown University)
Summer Research Grants
  • Joseph Boshara (University of Iowa)
    Common Pool Resource Distribution Strategies in Southeast Turkey
  • Suphan Kirmizialtin (University of Texas - Austin)
    Women, Education and Modernization: Female Schoolteachers in the Late Ottoman Empire (1870-1922)
  • Susan Rottman (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
    Returning "Home": The Predicaments of Class, Ethnicity, and Culture for German-Turkish Return Migrants
  • Joshua Walker (Princeton University)
    The Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy on Turkey's EU Membership
Teaching Aid Grants
  • Boston University

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