Grants Program

Recipients: 2002-2003

Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Snjezana Buzov (University of Michigan)
    The Lawgiver and his Lawmaker: The Role of Legal Discourse in the Change of Ottoman Imperial Culture
  • George Gavrilis (Columbia University)
    Border Guards, Bandits and Diplomats: The Management of the 19th Century Ottoman-Greek Land Boundary
  • Gay Carole Woodhall (New York University)
    Composing İstanbul: Changing Identities, Urban Space and Entertainment in İstanbul between 1918-1928
  • Georgetown University
  • Ouachita Baptist University
  • Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Washington
Subventions for Publication
  • Kemal Karpat (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
    International Journal of Turkish Studies, Vol. 8, No. 1-2
  • Heath Lowry (University of Indiana Press)
    Ottoman Bursa: Tahrir Defters and Travelers as Sources of Ottoman Urban History
  • Leslie Pierce (University of California Press)
    Law, Gender and Morality: The Court at Aintab
  • Jenny White (University of Washington Press)
    Islamist Mobilization in Turkey: A Study in Vernacular Politics
Summer Language Study Grants
  • Michelle Campos (Stanford University)
    Harvard-Koç Summer School
  • Sara Scalenghe (Georgetown University)
    Boğaziçi University, Turkish Language and Culture Summer Program
Matching Seed-Money Grants for New University Positions in Turkish Instruction
  • Duke University
  • Portland State University
Teaching Aid Grants
  • Ohio State University
Summer Research Grants for Graduate Students
  • James Howard Meyer (Brown University)
    Identity Conflicts Within Pan-Turkism: A Trans-regional Approach
  • Leslie W. Tuttle (Harvard University)
    Turkish Women: Changing Vision, Changing Voice
Grants for Undergraduate Study
  • Binghamton University
  • Boston University
  • Georgetown University
  • Pitzer College
Post-Doctoral Travel Grants
  • Aida Arfan Hozic (University of Florida)
    Research on Mediterranean Trade Networks
  • Barbara Setsu Pickett
  • University of Oregon
  • Research on Turkish Silk Weaving

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