Grants Program

Recipients: 2001-2002

Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Al-Tikriti, Nabil Sirri (University of Chicago / Near Eastern Languages)
    Sehzade Korkud: The Struggle for Early 16th Century Ottoman Religious Identity
  • Aksakal, Mustafa (Princeton University / Near Eastern Studies)
    Ottoman Decisions for War, 1914
  • Cook, Steven A. (University of Pennsylvania / Political Science)
    The Military Enclave: Islam and State in Egypt, Turkey and Algeria
  • Hurd, Elizabeth Shakman (Johns Hopkins University / Political Science)
    Engaging Turkish Islam: Toward a Postsecular International Politics
  • Spinale, Susan Elizabeth (Harvard University / History of Art and Architecture)
    Method without the Madness: Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and Western Style Portraiture
Subventions for Publications
  • Karpat, Kemal (University of Wisconsin)
    International Journal of Turkish Studies
Graduate Summer Travel Grants
  • Augsburger, Christina Sue (University of California San Diego)
    Boğaziçi Turkish Language Program
  • Ball, Ben S. (Tufts University)
    Research on "Turkish Decision-Making on Technology"
  • Balabanlilar, Lisa Ann (Ohio State University)
    Harvard-Koç Intensive Ottoman Summer School
  • Downes, Brant (Stanford University)
    Boğaziçi Turkish Language Program
  • Esmer, Tolga Ugur (University of Chicago)
    Harvard-Koç Intensive Ottoman Summer School
  • Maley, Melissa (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    Research on "Written in a Woman's Hand: Turkish History Through Domestic Embroideries"
  • Phillips, Amanda Hope (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
    Study at the Middle East Technical University on Selcuk and Ottoman Architecture
  • Slaughter, Carrie Joan (San Francisco State University)
    Boğaziçi Turkish Language Program
  • Soileau, Mark Lewis (University of California Santa Barbara)
    Research on "Construction of Alevi Identity"
Post-Doctoral Summer Travel Grant
  • Foltz, Richard (University of Florida)
    Research on "Environmental Values, Activism and Policy in Contemporary Turkey"
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • The Textile Museum / Washington, DC
    Acquisition of books on Turkish textiles, culture and history
  • St. John's University Library (New York)
    Acquisition of books on the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire
  • Eastern Michigan University
    Acquisition of new English Language books in Turkish studies
  • Binghamton University Library
    Acquisition of books in Turkish studies
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Acquisition of books on Ottoman art, architecture, and the decorative arts
Grants for Conferences, Lecture Series and Workshops
  • Miyagawa, Shigeru (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Partial funding for the "Second Workshop on Altaic".
Teaching Aid Grants
  • Andrews, Walter G. (University of Washington)
    Funding for the "The Ottoman Text Edition/Archive Project".
Matching-Seed Money Grants
  • School of Foreign Service (Georgetown University)
    Partial funding for a position in Turkish Language Instruction

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