Grants Program

Recipients: 2000-2001

Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Christopher Dole (Case Western Reserve University)
    Taking the Sacred: Religious Healing in a Turkish Migrant Community
  • Kathryn Ann Ebel (University of Texas at Austin)
    Images of Empire: City Views and the Visual Culture of Urban Space in the Ottoman Empire 1520-1600
  • Carolyn McCue Goffman (Ball State University)
    Rhetoric and Ideology at the American College for Girls in İstanbul, 1871-1923
  • Kimberly Louise Hart (Indiana State University)
    A Comparative Study of Collective and Independent Carpet Production in Rural Turkey
  • Esra ÖzyÜrek (University of Michigan at Ann-Arbor)
    Remembering the Republic: Private and Public Memory in Contemporary Turkey
  • Barak Aharon Salmoni (Harvard)
    Education and Nationalist Identity in Mono-Party Turkey, 1923-1950
  • Brian Silverstein (University of California at Berkeley)
    Mass Media and Mystic Speech: Tasavvuf in Contemporary Turkey
Pre-dissertation Writing Grants
  • Marcy Ann Brink (Stanford)
    Research to study at Boğaziçi University, Summer Turkish Language and Culture Program
  • George Gavrilis (Columbia University)
    Research at the Basbakanlik Arsivi in İstanbul on International Security Norm and Ottoman-Greek Relations
  • Matthew Lubin (Princeton)
    Grant for study of Turkish at Tomer, İstanbul
  • Maria Richter (Columbia University)
    Grant for field work in İstanbul and study of Turkish at Tomer
  • Ayfer Karakaya Stump (Harvard)
    Field research in Turkey on Kizilbash Movement of the 16th and 17th Centuries and Ottoman Language Study in Ayvalýk
Grants for Conferences, Lecture Series, Workshops
  • Serdar Arat (Concorida Gallery/ Concordia College)
    Funds for a slide lecture and workshop demonstration for the exhibition on late Ottoman and Turkish Calligraphy
  • Güven Güzeldere (Duke University)
    Funds for a Conference on Turkey at Crossroads: History, Culture, and Identity
  • Robert Vitalis (University of Pennsylvania)
    Funds for lecture series on Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
  • Margaret H. Lonzetta (World Affairs Council of Philadelphia)
    Teachers Workshop on Turkey at the Crossroads: Retrospect and Prospect
Seed-Money Grants
  • Georgetown University
    For Turkish Language Instruction
Subventions for Publication
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • The University of Texas at Austin
    Library acquisition
Post-Doctoral Travel & Research in Turkey
  • Zehra Arat
    Human Rights Policies and Politics in Turkey
  • Fariba Zarinebaf-Shahr
    The Social Transformation of İstanbul: Crime and Violence in the 18th Century
Projects Committee / Other
  • Marcie J. Patton (Turkish Student Association)
    Multiple Year Grant for TSA publications and prizes

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