Grants Program

Recipients: 1999-2000

Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Marc Baer (University of Chicago)
    Non-Muslims and New Muslims in Ottoman Society, 1661-1683
  • Karen Leal (Harvard)
    Perceptions of Sovereignty in the Ottoman State and Greek Orthodox community: A Reappraisal of the Millet System Paradigm.
Graduate Fellowships
  • Louis Fishman (University of Chicago)
    Funds to study Ottoman Turkish at the Harvard-Bursa Ottoman Turkish Summer Program
  • Ayse Parla (NYU)
    Conduct exploratory archival research and preliminary fieldwork at Darüssafaka
  • Cengiz Sisman (Harvard)
    Research on "The Ottoman Origins of the 17th century Jewish Messianic Movement"
  • Gay Carole Woodall (NYU)
    Conduct preliminary dissertation research on "Composing İstanbul: Changing Identities, Urban Space & Entertainment, 1918-1938"
Post-Doctoral Travel & Research in Turkey
  • Douglas S. Brookes
    Ottoman Royal Iconography: Court ceremonial and symbolism during Sultan Resad's reign 1908-1918
  • Müge Galin
    "Turkish Sufi Women Today: Creative Accommodation to Anti-Tasawwuf Laws"
  • Shirine Hamadeh
    "Shared Sensibility? Ottoman Sources of Knowledge on the Architectural Discourse in 18th Century Europe".
  • Anna Krauth
    Study images of women in Turkish art of the 19th century
  • Caroline Sawyer
    Research on manuscripts in the Archives for Ahmedi's Iskendernâme facsimile with critical introduction
Subventions for Publication
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • Southwest Missouri State
    Library acquisition
  • Ursuline College
    Library acquisition
Grants for University Sponsored Conferences, Lecture Series, Workshops
  • The University of Michigan
    Funds for a workshop on 'Imperial Politics and the Limits of Reform: the Ottoman, Habsburg, and Romanov Empires.'
Seed-Money Grants
  • Georgetown University Funding for a full-time Turkish instructor for a third-year Turkish language instruction.
  • Portland State University 2nd year seed-money for a tenure-track Turkish language and civilization position.

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