Grants Program

Recipients: 1998-1999

Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Nabil Al-Tikriti (The University of Chicago)
    Sehzade Korkut (1468-1513) and the struggle for early 16th century Ottoman religious identity.
  • Kathryn Libal (The University of Washington)
    Child, Youth and the Nation: Generative Discourses of Nation-Building in Late Ottoman and Early Republican Turkey (1908-1939)
  • Michele Penner (Princeton University)
    The Differential Evolution of Single-Party Systems in the Middle East: Turkish Democratization and Authoritarian Continuity in Tunisia
  • Liesl Anna Riddle (The University of Texas at Austin)
    The Bureaucratic vs the Collective: Interorganizational Relationships Among Turkish Textile Exporters
  • Renee Worringer (The University of Chicago)
    Comparative Perceptions: Japan as Archetype for Ottoman Modernity, 1876-1920
Graduate Fellowships
  • Charles Argo (University of Arkansas)
    Funds to participate in the Turkish Language and Culture Program at Bosphorus University and to and conduct research for Master's thesis on environmental history of the Bosphorus
  • Dimitris Kastritsis (Harvard University)
    Research on 15th century Ottoman-Venetian relations
  • James Steven Kessler (The University of Chicago)
    Study Ottoman Turkish at the Harvard-Uludag Universities Intensive Ottoman Summer School
  • Karen Leal (Harvard University)
    Study Ottoman Turkish at the Harvard-Uludag Universities Intensive Ottoman Summer School
  • Michael Reynolds (Princeton University)
    Study Ottoman Turkish at the Harvard-Uludag Universities Intensive Ottoman Summer School
Post-Doctoral Travel & Research in Turkey
  • Charlotte Jirousek
  • Documentation of Disappearing Textile Technologies in Turkey
Teaching Aids
  • Elizabeth Frierson (University of Cincinnati)
  • Develop teaching aids for standard and electronically enhanced classrooms: acquisition of slides, music cd's, videos to support undergraduate and graduate instruction in Turkish & Ottoman history; production of CD-ROMs.
  • Donald Whitcomb
  • Analyze reports and prepare summaries of evidence and published interpretations to develop an annotated gazetteer of Islamic sites throughout the Anatolian plateau; prepare materials for classroom distribution and slide illustrations
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
    Acquisition of works on Ottoman and modern Turkish architecture, economics, history, politics
  • University of Cincinnati
    Acquisition of works in Ottoman and Turkish history
  • The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    Acquisition of monographs about the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
Grants for University Sponsored Conferences, Lecture Series, Workshops
  • Assembly of Turkish American Associations
    Matching funds for Teachers Workshops
  • Binghamton University
    Matching funds for a Conference on "Law and Legitimation in the Ottoman Empire" (November 6-7, 1998)
  • The University of Michigan
    Matching funds for a Conference on Mimar Sinan as part of a series of programs for the 700th anniversary of the founding of the Ottoman Empire
  • The Middle East Institute
    Matching funds for a Conference on Turkish foreign policy, "Turkey and its Neighbors"
  • Ohio State University
    Matching funds for a Symposium to honor Adalet Aaolu, the Turkish novelist and playwright.
  • The University of Texas, Austin
    Matching funds for a lecture series on 'The Mevlevis and Turkish Society: History, Music, and Ritual."
Seed-Money Grant
  • Georgetown University
    Funding for a full-time Turkish instructor for a third-year Turkish language instruction.

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