Grants Program

Recipients: 1997-1998

Subvention for Publications
Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Yasemin Çelik (City University of New York)
    "Turkish Foreign Policy after the Cold War"
  • Lynne M. Thornton (Indiana University)
    "Guilds of İstanbul in the late 18th century: A Study in Conflict, Power, and Authority"
  • Marguerite Wiese (Harvard University)
    "Osman II: A Study in Early Ottoman Reformism"
Graduate Fellowships
  • Linda Carroll (Binghamton University)
    Study Ottoman Turkish and support fieldwork on the Madra çay Ottoman Archaeology project
  • Edward M. Copps (Harvard University)
    "Transition from Mamluk to Ottoman Rule: Reorientations in Sunni Political Culture"
  • Michele Penner (Princeton University)
    "Turkey's transition from single-party rule to multi-party democracy in the 1940s as compared with Tunisia's experience"
  • Serap Deniz Rada (University of Maryland)
    "Turkey's economic process as compared with the experience of South Korea"
  • Lisa A. Schwarz (Cornell University)
    "Turkey's Textile Boom: Effects on Women's Employment and Family Well-Being"
  • Kim Shively (Brandeis University)
    "Turkish working-class women's relationship to the Islamist discourse regarding proper appearance and role of women in Turkish society"
  • Yücel Yanikdag (Ohio State University)
    "Ottoman soldiers interned by the British in Egypt During WWI"
Post-Doctoral Travel & Research in Turkey
  • Yioryos Bilalis
    Study the evolution of Terenum in Ottoman court music; notational system used by Ottoman composers
  • Michael R. Hickok
    "Ottoman military theory and technology transfer during the 18th century"
  • Nuha Khoury
    Study the inscriptions of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque for book on the import and intent of monumental inscriptions in the context of 17th century Safavid-Ottoman relations.
  • Paul J. Magnarella
    "Development of Sociocultural Anthropology in Turkey: from 1975 to Present"
Teaching Aids
  • American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages (AATT).
    Funds to update and reproduce the AATT poster
  • Kemal Silay
    Development of a CD-ROM illustrating the works of approximately 100 modern Turkish poets
  • Sinasi Tekin
    Development of an Ottoman Turkish Language Textbook
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • Binghamton University
    Acquisition of books in the field of Turkish studies.
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
    Acquisition of works on Ottoman and modern Turkish literature, history, and art.
  • Purchase College, SUNY
    Acquisition of recently published monographs in the field of Turkish studies.
  • Textile Museum
    Acquisition of books on Turkish textiles, history and culture.
Grants for University Sponsored Conferences, Lecture Series, Workshops
  • American Association of Teachers (AATT)
    Workshop to build expertise on testing within AATT to develop sample tests and guidelines to assess Turkish language proficiency
  • Harvard University
    Matching funds for a Conference on "Law and Its Application in the Kad_ Courts of the Ottoman Empire"
  • University of Michigan
    Workshop for secondary school and community college educators on "Islam and Secularism in Modern Turkey"
  • University of Pennsylvania
    Public Lectures in Turkish Studies
  • University of Utah
    Week-long seminar on "The Process of Liberalization in Turkey after 1960"
Special Grant
  • Columbia University, Middle East Institute
    Support for a one-semester course on Turkish foreign policy and the politics and social development of modern Turkey.

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