Grants Program

Recipients: 1996-1997

Subvention for Publications
  • Caesar Farah
    Ottoman Lebanon (1830-1845) and the "Eastern Question": The Politics of Intervention and Conflict Non-Management
  • Resat Kasaba, Sibel Bozdoganm eds.
    Rethinking Modernity and National Identity in Turkey
  • Turkish Studies Association
    Bulletin, Vol. 21, 1 & 2.
Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Ayfer Suna Bartu (UC Berkeley)
    "Who Owns the Old Quarters? Politics of Cultural Heritage in Contemporary İstanbul"
  • Rebecca Bryant (Chicago)
    "Educating Ethnicity: On the Cultures of Nationalism in Cyprus:
Graduate Fellowships
  • Kimberly M. Byrd (Rutgers)
    For Turkish Language study in Turkey.
  • Aimee E. Froom (NYU)
    Study of an Ottoman album dedicated to Murad III.
  • Leyla J. Keough (Chicago)
    "Turkish National Identity: Turkish Women and Islam.
  • Jennifer Petzen (Indiana)
    "Gender and Nationalism: Performances by Turkish Woman Minstrels."
  • Sara Nur Yıldız (Chicago)
    "Resistance to Ottoman Rule: Sikari's History of the Karamanids.
  • Tom Wood (Tufts)
    "The Problem of Ideology in Turkish Foreign Policy 1922-1995."
Post-Doctoral Travel & Research in Turkey
  • Hasan Kayali
    "The End of the Ottoman Empire and the Remaking of Political Identities in the Middle East, 1918-1925."
Teaching Aids
  • Yildiray Erdener
    Interactive, multimedia teaching units to be mounted on the World Wide Web.
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguin
  • Brandeis University
    Acquisition of Ottoman and Turkish microform materials.
  • University of New Hampshire
    Acquisition and cataloguing of journals and reference works in Ottoman and Modern Turkish History.
  • University of Pennsylvania
    Acquisition of recent Turkish monographs and Turkish journals.
  • Portland State University
    Acquisition of materials on Turkish economy and trade and political science.
  • University of Texas, Austin
    Acquisition of local studies and histories.
Grants for University Sponsored Conferences, Lecture Series, Workshops
  • UC Berkeley
    Public lecture series on contemporary Turkish World.
  • University of Michigan
    Workshop on "Using Turkish Literature in Geography and Culture Classes" for 6-12 grade and community college educators.
  • Turkish Studies Association and University of Tennessee
    Conference on "The Person of the Sultan: Iconography, Biography and Intimate Life."
  • University of Utah
    Conference on "Urban Social History: The Middle East and South Asia, c.1850-1950"; and "Workshop on The Turkish World" for K-12 teachers.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Conference on "The Ottoman State, Modernism and the Euro-Islamic Synthesis: A Revisionist Approach."

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