Grants Program

Recipients: 1993-1994

  • Karen Barkey
    - Bandits and Bureaucrats: The Ottoman Route to State Centralization, Cornell University Press, 1994
  • Leyla Neyzi
    - Beyond Tradition and Resistance: Kinship and Economic Development in Mediterranean Turkey (Indiana University Turkish Series).
  • Pertev Boratav and Ilhan Baggöz
    - Turkish, Islamic and International in Hoja Stories; The Spread of Hoja Cycle in the Middle East, Asia and Europe (Indiana University Turkish Series).
Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Elizabeth Frierson (Princeton University)
    - Support for dissertation "Hanimlara Mahsus Gazete: Woman, Press and State in late-Ottoman İstanbul".
  • Karen Kern (Columbia University )
    - Support for dissertation "Marriage between the Ottomans and Persians in the last 100 years of the Ottoman Empire: a study in legal and social history."
Graduate Fellowships (Institutional)
  • Columbia University
  • SUNY, Binghamton
  • University of Texas, Austin
  • University of Utah
Teaching Aids
  • Bahadir Inozu
    - To transcode videos of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Turkish language videos for distribution and broadcast.
Library Grants for Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • Brandeis University
    - Acquisition of Ottoman and Turkish microform materials.
  • University of New Hampshire
    - Acquisition and cataloguing of journals and reference works in Ottoman and Modern Turkish History.
  • University of Pennsylvania
    - Acquisition of recent Turkish monographs and Turkish journals.
  • Portland State University
    - Acquisition of materials on Turkish economy and trade and political science.
  • University of Texas, Austin
    - Acquisition of local studies and histories.
  • Archivum Ottomanicum, vol. XIII
    - Renewal of application granted in 1990.
Library Grants
  • Chicago University
    - Funds for acquisition of monographs in Turkish studies.
  • Columbia University
    - Funds for acquisition and cataloguing costs.
  • Georgetown University
    - To expand library holdings on Ottoman Empire and the Turkish republic.
  • Library of Congress
    - Funds to acquire out-of-print modern and Ottoman Turkish books and periodicals.
  • University of Michigan
    - Funds to catalogue 3,200 Ottoman Turkish volumes.
  • Ohio State University
    - Funds for acquisitions in modern Turkish literature.
  • University of Pennsylvania
    - Funds to purchase backlog of materials.
  • Princeton University
    - Funds to acquire rare Ottoman and early modern imprints
  • SUNY, Binghamton
    - Funds to acquire early modern Ottoman history
  • University of Texas, Austin
    - Funds to acquire publications in Turkish studies
  • University of Utah
    - Funds to acquire library materials on Turkish economy, history and society.
Post-Doctoral Conference Travel
  • Palmira Brummett
    - CIEPO, Amsterdam, June 1994 ("Imagining the Nation in the Ottoman Cartoon Space")
  • Roderic Davison
    - CIEPO, Amsterdam, June 1994 ("Attitudes of the Ottoman Government Regarding Publications in Europe in the time of Abdulhamid II")
  • Douglas Howard
    - CIEPO, Amsterdam, June 1994 ("Genre and Interpretation in the Ottoman Nasihatname")
  • Jaklin Kornfilt
    - Turkish Linguistics Conference, Mainz, August 1994 ("On Some Word Orders in Turkish")
Post-Doctoral Travel Research in Turkey
  • Engin Akarli
    - Conduct research in Ottoman Archives to complete book on Abdulhamid II's reign (1876-1909)
  • Emelie Olson
    - Research to complete book on changes in Turkish society over the past 3 decades; to make an ethnographic film on Turkey.
  • John Vander Lippe
    - Complete research for translation and annotation of memoirs of Inönü.
  • Jenny White
    - Study of the social consequences of the transformation of space within the squatter landscape in İstanbul.
Teaching Aids Grants
  • Bahadir Inözü
    - University of Houston: Develop a teaching unit (Anlay__) that utilizes cultural artifacts to promote understanding and interest in Turkish history and culture among pre-service teachers.
Grants For University Sponsored Conferences, Lecture Series, Workshops
  • University of Michigan
    - Funds for Turkish Studies Colloquium
  • Ohio State University
    - Matching funds for Third Graduate Conference in Difference and the Turkish in the Language Arts
  • University of Pennsylvania
    - Funds for workshop to evaluate Turkish teaching materials.
  • SUNY, Binghamton (SWANA)
    - Matching funds for sixth biennial conference, "The Ottoman Empire and the Rest of Europe."
  • University of Utah
    - Matching funds for four visiting scholars for Conference on Turkey and Central Asian Republics.
Seed-Money Grants
  • Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
    - Renewal of the second year seed-money grant of $3,500 for basic and intermediate intensive Turkish.

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