Grants Program

Recipients: 1990-1991

Graduate Fellowships (Institutional)
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University
  • Harvard University
  • Indiana University
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Utah
  • University of Washington
  • Princeton University
  • State University of New York at Binghamton
Dissertation Writing Grants
  • Gail Arch (Ohio State University): Industrial Relations Practices in Advanced Technology Firms in Turkey.
  • Melissa Jefkin (Rice University): Folk Dance to Define Notions of Social Identity in Turkey.
  • Dilek Cindoglu (State University of New York at Buffalo): Study on Representation of Turkish Women in Cinema.
  • Jane Hathaway (Princeton University): The Ottoman Empire's control of Egypt, 1650-1750.
  • Lynne Lohfeld (University of Connecticut): Parents' Response to Respiratory Infections in Children under 5 years old in a Gecekondu.
  • Iffet Orbay (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): İstanbul and the Classical Urban Aesthetics.
  • Gul Ozyegin (Temple University): Relation between Gender Relations and Employment in the Informal Sector: Domestic Workers.
  • Frederick Stubbs (Wesleyan): Taksim: Improvisation in Turkish Classical Music.
Grants for Post-Doctoral Summer Travel/Research in Turkey
  • Carter V. Findley, Study on the 18th Century Ottoman Bureaucratic Intelligentsia.
  • Clement M. Henry, Research on the Banking Systems of Mediterranean Islam's Debtor States.
  • Robert Labaree/Feridun Ozgoren, Research, Design and Build Ceng (Ottoman harp) Models.
  • Christine Ogan, Cross-cultural Study of Viewer Selection of Media Content.
  • David C. Montgomery, Study of Important Figures in the Development of Aviation in Turkey between 1923-1947.
  • Mark Pinson, Research on "Finding Aids" for Business in Turkey.
  • Stanford J. Shaw, Research on Status and Experience of Turkish Jewry in 20th Century.
  • James E. Sowerwine, Research on Turkish Foreign Policy Making Process.
  • Beatrice St. Laurent, Study of Ottoman Turkish Official Architecture and Urban Projects of Abdulhamid II.
Post-Doctoral Conference Travel Grants
  • Palmira Brummett
  • Roderic Davison
  • Pamela Dorn
  • Caesar Farah
  • Muge Gocek
  • Daniel Goffman
  • Barbara Jelavich
  • Jaklin Kornfilt
  • Dina Le Gall
  • Michel Le Gall
  • Rhoads Murphey
  • Donald Quataert
  • James Reilly
  • Beatrice St. Laurent
  • Karl Zimmer
Subventions for Publications
  • Journals:
    • Turkish Music Quarterly. Volume III. No. 4, Spring-Summer 1990.
  • Books:
    • Mubeccel Kiray, ed., Structural Change in Turkish Society, Bloomington: Indiana University Turkish Studies, 1991.
    • Aron Rodrigue, ed., Ottoman and Turkish Jewry: Community and Leadership. Bloomington: Indiana University Turkish Studies, 1992.
Matching Seed-Money Grants for New University Positions in Turkish Studies
  • Cornell University (3rd year seed-money to establish a new position in Turkish language and history)
Grants for Conferences, Lecture Series and Workshops
  • University of California, Berkeley ("Teachers' Workshop on Turkey"; lecture series)
  • University of Chicago (lecture series on Turkish Art and Architecture)
  • Columbia University (lecture series on Ottoman and Turkish literature)
  • Library of Congress (conference on "The Book in the Islamic World")
  • Michigan State University, Kresge Art Museum (workshop and lectures in connection with the conference on "The Art of Islamic Writing")
  • University of Michigan (Turkish studies colloquium)
  • Ohio State University (1990 summer language consortium)
  • University of Pennsylvania (symposium on "Turkish Women's Studies: Work in Progress")
  • Princeton University (lectures on "The Continuing Ottoman Legacy in the Modem Middle East")
  • State University of New York at Binghamton (conference on "Manufacturing in the Ottoman Empire/Turkey: 1500-1980")
  • University of Utah (seminars and lecture Series in Turkish studies)
  • University of Washington (seminars on "East and West in Modem Near Eastern Literatures")
Teaching Aids Grants
  • American Association of Teachers of Turkish (operational expenses; Turkish studies promotional poster)
Grants for Miscellaneous Projects
  • "1990 TSA/ITS Prize" (for best book published in 1988-89: Ottoman Civil Officialdom: A Social History by Carter V. Findley)
  • "1990 TSA/ITS Student Paper Prize" (for best Graduate Student Paper published in 1989)

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