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Counter-Terrorism and Democracy:
 Civil-Military Relations in Turkey and the United States

February 20, 2013 from 12:30pm-2:00pm
Georgetown University, CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241), Washington, DC
Speaker: Prof. Nil Şatana (Bilkent University, Ankara)

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Nil Şatana will examine how counter-terrorism measures in democracies have become a threat to the very notion of democracy through transforming civil-military relations in unpredicted ways. Her test cases are the United States and Turkey, two countries that have framed counter-terrorism efforts as a just war against terrorists. Şatana argues that by using the framework of war in formulating policies, both countries transformed their civil-military relations in various ways, which resulted in dramatic changes in legal and administrative structures along with public perceptions. This transformation has several implications for advanced democracies and consolidating democracies alike.