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Turkey and the Regional Dynamics of the Syrian Crisis

Thursday, September 27, 2012 12:30pm-2:00pm
Georgetown University, McShain Lounge, NW 37th and O St., Washington, DC

Speakers: Denise Natali (National Defense University), Omer Taspinar (Brookings Institution), Mona Yacoubian (Stimson Center)

Moderator: Gonul Tol (Middle East Institute)

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The Arab Spring and the seismic shifts in the region which followed have posed serious challenges for Turkey's domestic and foreign policy. While relations with Damascus have deteriorated most dramatically recently, increased strain in Turco-Iranian and Turco-Iraqi relations can also be observed. In addition, developments in northern Syria have drawn attention to Turkey's own Kurdish issue.

How is Turkey going to respond to the changes in its neighborhood? How will the changes on the regional and global stages shape Turkey's domestic and foreign policy approaches? What are Turkey's security concerns in this new landscape? To what extent are Turkey's relations with the United States and European Union likely to diverge or converge in light of these changes in Middle East?

This is the second of four events in a joint lecture series by Middle East Institute's Center for Turkish Studies and the Institute of Turkish Studies at Georgetown University. Each event will be free and open to the general public. For further information, please contact the Middle East Institute.